Another Day...

July 2, 2008

I know this has been a long hiatus, but I am back and will be writing more frequently.

Have you ever sat in a drive-thru line that wraps around the building and wonder what other drivers are thinking when they block you in?

Picture this....
The line is designed to start (take your order) at the back end of the building, then you pull forward around the corner to pay for and pick up your order. As you then move forward you can't go any further because there are so many people in line that they are blocking your exit.

Now here in lies the problem. If I can't exit, then the line will never move...so when you are in a long drive-thru line that wraps around the building, stop-look where the exit is-and make sure you are not blocking the exit. This may mean you have a large gap between you and the car in front of you, but rest assured that gap will close once a couple cars get their orders and exit the drive-thru.

Enjoy your July 4th Holiday...Check back soon!