Welcome 2011..

What will you do to make 2011 better than every previous year?

Here is my initial plan:

1) Go back to a place I have been avoiding for many years and face my fears.
2) Reconnect with old friends, stay connected.
3) Have faith I am doing everything reasonable to avoid danger, trouble, tragedy....to that extension, don't obsess beyond what is "reasonable".
4) Remember I have something to offer...to my career, to my friends/family, and to the world that is of value.
5) Share my time with others.
6) Smile more.
7) Do something regularly that will make myself feel good.

Most of these may seem vague, but I know exactly what I have in mind that is specific and attainable. Share your plan, you don't have to be specific with others as long as you are specific with yourself.