The First---No Day But Today


I welcome everyone to my blog. Please share with your friends and family if you feel they would enjoy or benefit from it in any way. Feel free to post comments for everyone to see (I just ask you to be "clean" with what you write).

So I begin...May 7, 2008; 8:30 pm cst.

Many movies and plays have a profound affect on our lives, but one musical I first saw on Broadway in New York City (NYC) impacted how I felt about friendship and community above all others. I saw it when I was in NYC for the millennium celebration in December 1999... the musical was RENT. Truth be told I tend to think deep and pull out every emotion that resides in the darkest corners of my soul when I watch or read anything "real". Then I do what I do best, analyze every one of them ten times. The same is true when I saw this musical. Some shy away from the controversial subjects and shelter themselves from the big, bad world outside. I am the exact opposite. I face these topics head on and immerse myself in other worlds, and I don't mean the "alien" kind. I seek to understand other people's views, experiences and lifestyles. So I analyze. Not in a demeaning or judging manner, rather with questions so I may learn to love better, live better, and impact other people's lives better.

I decided that night that I have lived a life full of good, bad and really scary experiences. However, there are many more people in the same country, state, city and neighborhood that have endured much worse. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I am still blessed with a good mind and eyes wide open.

I have concluded we can not control our destiny, but we can realize life is short (despite being a cliche, it is true). We must live it to the fullest. We should LOVE to wake up in the morning and go to a job that challenges us, is gratifying. You may think..."Dawn, that is easier said then done. I have bills to pay". There is no denying that money makes the world go round, which is the one thing I hate the most about our world! Money never motivated me, if I could live an honest and long life without it...as God is my witness, I would in a New York Second. Since I can't change it, I have to adapt. You can have a job you love and still pay the bills....admittedly you may need to make some undesirable sacrifices, but it can be done.
We should also be better people and neighbors. Open your eyes to the world around you. Do you notice the screaming child in the grocery store? Every wonder why he/she is screaming? Why is a child unhappy? Ever get annoyed by the chatty older woman in line? Every stop yourself from feeling annoyed and wonder why she is so chatty to a complete stranger?

We should be better to our community and environment. Reality is we all make mistakes, but if we stop for a moment and think before we react or speak, we would be happier and as will those around us. Don't let the anger boil up inside and burst out in hurtful words or acts of violence. It accomplishes nothing. I don't want you to become a pessimist or allow others to take advantage of you, but you don't have to always think about how someone or something impacts just you and you can be more thoughtful.

Someone once told me "What do I care about the environment, I will be dead by the time anything really bad happens". While this is likely true, I say....Then reduce, reuse and recycle if not for yourself, but for me or your grandchildren or your great grandchildren or just because you care about your community and others.

I leave you today with these thoughts. You may think I am being unrealistic or the words "yeah, in a perfect world" may have come to mind. But think about this....If you could positively impact one person's life by a small act of kindness....whether it be in the form of recycling just a little bit of your own household trash OR maybe by taking 5 minutes out of your busy day to chat with the older woman in line OR by looking out for your neighbor who you know lives alone....Would You? I guarantee you, we will impact the way the world works one person at a time....even if you don't know it.

Live for Today...Hope for the Best....Accept others.....Strive to be a better Person.