The 11th Hour

Greetings All!

I saw another documentary called "The 11th Hour". It is about the environment and is enlightening. It made me think of the environment crisis with a different perspective. If you are one of many who, for whatever reason, don't care about the environment enough to take action...think of it this way. You are not saving the environment by recycling or conserving energy, you are saving your life and the lives of your descendants. We destroy nature, we destroy ourselves...like suicide. The Planet will eventually (maybe over a thousand years) recover from any damage we cause it, but the human race won't recover. Whether you believe in life on other planets or not, the fact is that another planet that can sustain human life as we know it on Earth has not been discovered. So if we destroy Earth where humans can no longer survive, we can't move to another planet. Nature does not waste anything like we do, what is waste to one is another's food.

We have the ability to use our CURRENT technology and knowledge of science to redesign everything we do and make today so that life now and in the future is the same or better, lasts longer and is more affordable. We may need to rewrite the constitution, so that corporations can not do whatever they please to the property they own. The writers of the constitution did not know about global warming or the ozone layer when they wrote the constitution.

1 Tree can absorb 57,000 gallons of water when it rains 10-12 inches, which prevents the water from running off and flooding. The tree holds it, then cleans it and then puts it back in the aquifer. Cut down 1 tree, you get soil erosion and floods.

Many are so afraid that they don't open there mind to these details or act on the information, they are simply denying it. Just because we ignore something, does not make it go away. This fear will kill the human race.

Everyone wants to save money and make more money. The solutions already exist.

Think: If we took better care of our environment, conserved our natural resources, grew more plants and trees and wasted less, we would reduce global warming so we would in turn not need to run our air conditioning as much which would save you money. This is just one example.

What actions are you taking to save our livelihood?


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