Happy 2009 !!


In honor of the one day a year that everyone on planet Earth celebrates...New Years Day...I write this blog in multiple colors to represent different cultures, races, religions, etc.

We can all admit 2009 was a rough year for everyone. Lets go back and think about the year 2008.
-Continued War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Gaza.
-Hurricanes on the Texas coast leave nothing behind.
-Massive Flooding in Iowa and up and down the Mississippi River.
-The fall of the world's banks and US car manufacturers.
-Gas hit $4 a gallon...making EVERYTHING more expensive and increasing public transportation ridership
-Earthquakes in China killed 69000 people
-Massive corporations fall apart- AIG, Freddie Mac, etc.
-NY Gov Spitzer resigns after scandal
-December it was officially announced the US is in a recession
-California homes destroyed in frequent wildfires.
-Pakistan and Mumbai hit by terrorists
-China's poisoned Oreos, Baby Formula, etc.
-Cyclone wipes out Burma
-President Bush gets hit with a shoe in Iraq...wait, should this go on the Good List??

Now lets reflect on the good things that happened in 2008...believe it or not, some good came out of this year.
-The USA elected their first African-American President!!!
-New Kids on the Block made a comeback.
-Being GREEN became Cool...Recycle!!!
-HDTV will become required for all shows very soon...Feb 09
-John Walsh was finally able to lay his son to rest after finding out who murdered him.
-Russia leaves Georgia, ending war
-The 5 in one shot vaccine created for babies
...I am sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now.

With all that has happened, we must move forward and put the past behind us. History does not have to repeat itself if we won't let it, so please learn from your mistakes and of those around you. Plan to make 2009 a great year to remember.

Many people make new years resolutions, I am not one of them. What I resolve to do is make positive contributions to society and the planet that I did not do in previous years. This never includes monetary donations, rather it is in addition to this.

For example, in 2008 I began recycling at my home, which turned out to be really easy and gave me a positive feeling so I will continue this going forward. I don't know yet what I will do in 2009 as I rarely know at the beginning of the year. I always have this at the front of my thoughts throughout the year so I can be on the lookout.

Keep checking my blog in 2009 and I will share with you what I do and learn.


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