A Planet in Crisis

I have encouraged others before to recycle to save the planet, but now I want to give you a little more information and additional resources.

I saw a movie recently that provided me with a great deal of facts that I was unaware of before. The movie is "An Inconvenient Truth" and is a documentary staring Al Gore. Now, say what you will about the Politician, Al Gore, but put your opinions aside and listen to the message. The movie is not boring and will truly enlighten you.

You can also get more information about how you and your family can positively effect change on our planet by visiting the website www.climatecrisis.net. This problem is not a racial, gender, religious or cultural problem. It is inevitable if every person, every country and every government does not make immediate changes. This site will also show you what your household's Carbon Footprint is and what it should be. (A Carbon Footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide that you emit into the atmosphere) My household footprint is 11.5, but it should be lower. I am taking actions today to lower this number. Are you willing to make a few changes that will have a major impact?

If we don't reduce carbon dioxide emissions then our atmosphere will continue to grow thicker. The thicker the atmosphere, the more heat from the sun will stay on our planet and not escape into space. We WANT some heat to escape into space.

When too much heat remains on our planet the oceans get too warm, which increases the frequency and intensity of hurricanes. When the oceans get too warm, the polar ice melts which increases the ocean water levels. When the ocean water levels get too high, there will be instant and permanent flooding of major states and cities such as Florida, New York City, San Francisco, and New Orleans. If you think this will not occur in your lifetime, you are right. However, it will occur in your children's and grandchildren's and great grandchildren's lifetimes. Do you want them to suffer for a problem your generation could have prevented?

Think about this, where do you suppose all the people who survive the massive and permanent flooding of these major cities will go? They will be forced to move further inland into cities such as Dallas, Reno, Kansas City, Orlando, and Atlanta. Can these cities handle an extra 10,000 plus residents overnight? Remember, that this flooding is permanent so they will not be leaving to return to their former homes.

This is just the tip of the problem. You really should educate yourself by visiting the www.climatecrisis.net website and renting "An Inconvenient Truth".

Do you enjoy the change of seasons? Do you enjoy endless water usage? Do you enjoy all your electricity privileges? Do you love to travel to multiple destinations, anywhere you want from hot to cold climates?

These are just a few of the luxuries we have today that are in danger!

Take an active role. One person and One Household Can Make A Difference!


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